About Revive RN

Meet The Founders

Founders Joshua Morriello, BSN, RN and Maxwell Pincus, BS, bring over a decade of combined experience in healthcare and are committed to providing premium services to their clients. Together they aim to revitalize, optimize and enhance the quality of life of those they serve!


Optimal Wellness Outcomes With IV Hydration

Experience the power of hydration therapy and unlock optimal health, a renewed sense of vitality and a replenished body! Say goodbye to fatigue, stress, and dehydration-related woes, and embrace a life of renewed energy and peak performance.


Our Commitment to Quality

At Revive RN, we are committed to maintaining the utmost quality in our IV therapies, utilizing only the finest ingredients to ensure your well-being. Our dedication to excellence means sourcing premium-grade components that undergo rigorous testing and selection processes to guarantee safety and efficacy.